One More for the Heartbroken

You’ll never see me crying, 
Not over you. 

You’ll never see me crying, 

That is something you’ll never do. 
It’s not that I’m not hurting, 

By how you left that way. 

Once warm and soft and loving, 

Now cold and sharp, with nothing to say. 
You’ll never see me crying, 

Never see the heart you shook. 

You’ll never see me crying, 

Because I know…you’ll never look. 


I Met a Girl

It’s not like when I met Jessica Stanley. This is different. Better. She is much more real than Jessica. Though I can’t say that Chuck would have faired better if he met this darling first.

I love this movie

“I remember every detail.  The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.”

Not surprising, CASABLANCA is my all time favorite movie.

The one fictional character I most relate to is Rick. That is once I grew out of the Holden Caufield phase.

Holy Tuesday

To be truthful when I picked a release date for Better Things, it didn’t occur to me that this was Holy week.

there is a Blabbermouth on the bus this morning.

Day One

My book released today on Amazon. I tried to make a hashtag #BetterThingsLPPSR but it didn’t work. 

Thanks to the people who are currently reading the book. 

But then I get cranky when I’m up late. 


OK. “Better Things” is going to be released on Monday. What if everyone hates it?  Oh, forget that, what if ONE person hates it?  

Durian was a bad fruit experience. 


Staying up




 the later I stay up the more I hate the world and everyone in it.   Do you ever get that? I mean really. Why the hell do I do this?  

But I still love bacon bowls.